In 1781, the Blarius from the Clustoria Galaxy raided the Andromeda natives that controlled the ultimate weapon: a self-propelled shockwave emitter that could destroy stars in seconds.

Zero War
Faction 1
The Builders
Faction 2
Inter-galactic war, ~2000 systems
August 1781
Emitter destroyed, March 8941BCE

The EmitterEdit

The emitter was a solar-destruction shockwave generator built by the Builders around 4000BCE. It was designed to allow burnt stars to be revived to a certain point, just to the point where terraforming would be simple. Unfortunately, it could also be used to overload a star's core and destroy it.

The WarEdit

Knowing the power of the emitter, the Blarius wanted it for themselves. After a decade of battling for control, the Builders used their weapon to open a temporal rift to the ninth millennium BCE, taking a chunk of the Blarius fleet with them, where they were forced to destroy the emitter.

The EndEdit

Without their emitter, the Builders were forced to search for habitable planets instead of terraforming a few themselves. As the Builders' space technology was limited, they quickly died off. The Blarius returned to their own galaxy, leaving what they thought was a small, planet-filled nebula behind for about 2300 years...