Transdimensional (TD) torpedoes are modern fusion missiles with an explosive upper limit equivalent to 300 megatons of trinitrotoluene explosive (TNT).


As the need for more powerful weapons arose in the 39th century, FUS scientists began to work on developing new technologies that could be used in militaristic ways. In 3826, the first experiment to create transdimensional shift on an object was conducted. The experiment was a success, and a set of graviton torpedoes aboard the gunship Iajo was modified to be constantly in a transdimensional shift state. The torpedoes, when fired on an ESBG battleship, passed through the target's shields and collided with their hull, ramming into the side of the now defenseless ship and exploding with enough force to rip a shockwave through half of the damaged hull. The "transdimensional torpedo" was a success. The technology was added to all FUS ships and shields for defending against the new weapon were developed. The new offensive measures sent the FUS a century ahead of the ESBG Empire and double that of the newly formed Kilathian Empire.

Current SpecificationsEdit

The average TD torpedo, based off of the standard used by the FUS, is approximately 2 m x 0.5 m x 0.3 m in size, as well as being equipped with variable-speed drives (a small sublight engine and an Alcubierre-class warp folder) and 30 RCS jets for minor adjustments during attack. The approximate cost per is 2500 credits (compared to the cost of a weapon-less warp-powered shuttle, about 40000 credits.

Modern UsageEdit

Currently (during the Kilathian War) TD torpedoes and shields are in use by every major faction, along with many smaller factions. The Kilathian Empire didn't develop the technology on their own, they had captured an ESBG vessel in 3946 and stolen the technology. Both the FUS and ESBG factions had noticed that the Kilathian vessels were resisting TD torpedoes instead of being one-shotted by the blast.

General, we have a problem... the Kilathian vessel's still there!" -- Brigadier General Naire, Chief Weapons Officer of the Empire Warheading Starship III (ESBG Flagship), 3947 (ESBG IX)