Vice Admiral Shooter Dude, Primary Officer of Naval Strategics
May 7th, 4035, Draskon, Lyryos
extreme laser tag, rec room, combat simulations
Neural network enhancement


Shooter Dude was born and raised in Draskon, Lyryos. His childhood best friend was Blasterman, and they stayed best friends until 4054, when he and Blasterman's younger brother Laserboy left to join the FUS Navy. They were stationed at Yetena Prime for three years, until the Yetena Prime Navy was merged with the newly-refit Blasterman's Army. When the two armies became one, Shooter Dude and Blasterman were re-united. Shooter Dude was given his own twelve-kilometre long starship, which he named the Silver Dragon. Laserboy joined Blasterman's ship, the Platinum Eagle, as first officer.

Kilathian WarEdit

Shooter Dude has spent lots of time aboard the Platinum Eagle, including taking the position of first officer during the Kilathian War. (BMTV Season One Finale) Before he took his position aboard the FUS flagship, he was involved in many battles serving as captain of the Silver Dragon. The Silver Dragon was put into emergency repair and refit after yet another near-destruction in battle.


"I can go up to 48 hours without rest, 60 if I have a coffee machine nearby." (Blasterman Adventures 2)
"Ohhhhhh, so that's what the toilet is in there for." (Blasterman Adventures 2)