A netlink is a major galactic network sent over specialized particles that can penetrate any material without damaging it via a hyper-dimensional flux. The state of the particles is so powerful that no macroscopic object can be put in this state without possibly losing the object and an area around it. A single particle can carry approximately 200 GB of information and travels almost instantaneously, but has a maximum effective range of about half a million light-years without amplification and gate stations.

Star-to-Star Netlink

An example of a small star-to-star netlink. The lines are overlayed for visual effect.

Increasing the maximum rangeEdit

The primary ways of increasing the range of netlink particles are through amplification (same amount of information on a bigger and denser particle) and gate stations. Gate stations act as waypoints for particles, and retransmit netlink connections in order to keep them alive for longer journeys.