Kranlak is a descendant of the Earth game Spades, and is played with a special deck of cards. Kranlak, like Spades, is a trick-taking game with betting before a round of play.

The Cards Edit


A Kranlak card, the Seven of Threes.

Kranlak cards are numbered 1 through 10, and have either one, two, three, or four dots. A grouping of cards numbered 1 to 10 with the same number of dots is called a set. For example, the seven of threes would have a numeral 7 in the center of the card with three out of four dots surrounding the number starting at the top and going around clockwise. Three dots would also be around the edge of the card, one in each corner, starting at the top left corner and going around the card clockwise. Cards of the set of fours (ones with four dots) are trump cards.

Gameplay Edit

Playing a round Edit

Kranlak rounds start with the 40 cards in a deck being shuffled and passed out to the four players. Each player gets ten cards. When all the cards are dealt, each player may bid on the number of tricks they expect to take. If a player bids nil (meaning he will take no tricks), he may pass up to five cards to the player across from him (his partner) and his partner passes the same number of her cards to her partner.

Players then take a turn, starting with the player with the ten of fours, playing a card each of any set but the fours. The winner of the trick then starts normal play, however the first trick does count towards the trick count. A player may not start a trick with a card of fours unless they have no cards from the other sets.

Scoring at the end of a round Edit

When a round ends, each player accumulates 50 x bid points. For each trick they failed to win, they lose 100 points from that score. For each trick over, they lose 50 points. If they make nil (bidding nil and managing to take no tricks) they accumulate 500 points. If they go over nil, they and their partner's scores both are zero, and their total score from the previous rounds stay the same. If both players bid nil, they win the game.

Scoring at the end of the game Edit

The game ends when a team's total score is (or is over) 5000 points.