The Kilathians have always been makers of fine spirits, often a one-shot drunkenness for people with weaker abilities to take alcohol. The colours of Kilathian spirits vary, from a clear yellowish colour (Varius: Clustoria) to a pink-green gradient.

Rarity and PricingEdit

Lots of Kilathian spirits are extremely expensive, mostly because of the tensions and warring between the Kilathian Republic and the FUS and ESBG factions. Vice Admiral Shooter Dude says that it once cost him two thousand credits to obtain a bottle with the contents of four half-filled shotglasses, each about four centimetres tall, in it. The bottle must have been smuggled out from Kilathian territory somehow.

The average shotglass of high-grade spirits could cost up to a thousand credits, where even a "low quality" glass could be up to two hundred a glass.