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The Kilathian War was a major conflict between the FUS/ESBG Alliance and the Kilathian Republic. The war is the major plot of Blasterman Adventures 2 throughout almost the entire book.

Kilathian War


Faction 1
Kilathian Republic
Faction 2
FUS/ESBG Alliance
Galaxy-wide war, ~835 systems

Beginnings of the WarEdit

Shortly before the war was recorded as started, the FUS and ESBG Empire signed a peace treaty and joined together in the FUS/ESBG Alliance. Admiral Blasterman signed the alliance declaration with the emperor over a long-distance secure netlink connection. (Blasterman Adventures 2) After that signing, the alliance and the Kilathians started getting into minor skirmishes every once in a while in a neutral system. A galaxy-wide war was only speculation at the time, though as the frequency of the battles increased, so did the reality of the war.

The First Shots Are FiredEdit

Less than two weeks later an incident occured that nearly destroyed the galaxy. The event pushed the skirmishes to turn into a full-scale war, and the Battle of Opelus started to kick it off. With the FEA winning the first of the many battles of the war, a handful of Kilathian troops stole a gunship and defected to the FUS. The deserters were captured by a Kilathian battleship and the officers were killed.

The Heat is OnEdit

The Kilathians proceeded to attack smaller FEA systems in clumps at a time in order to improve their takeover rate. The raids were successful for a few weeks, until the FEA launched a strike force (with the Platinum Eagle) to Sector 188, a system affected by the takeover.

The rest...Edit to be determined. Stay tuned.