Jumper-class warp drives are engines that teleport a ship short distances hundreds of times a minute. The more power sent to the engines, the more jumps can be made per minute. The latest test of a FUS Jumper-class has been able to go one lightyear per minute. The test semi-failed after travelling 100 lightyears, when the warp reactor powered down to stop an impending overload. Transdimensional shifting is used to teleport the ship the short distance instantly, but the power to move the ship is multiple orders of magnitude greater than that needed to move the ship the same distance using a standard warp drive, so charging between teleports is required.

As a replacement for conventional warp drivesEdit

Alcubierre-class warp drives are rapidly becoming aged, using 1500-year-old technology as a base. Some FUS scientists predict the Jumper-class to be the next rendition of a safe and efficient FTL engine. The Jumper-class also does not require to circumvent the laws of time dilation because no matter is moved at FTL speeds per se, but is instead teleported repeatedly.

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