Federation of United Systems (FUS)
July 1th, 2518
Approx. 500 systems, 2068 habitable planet(oid)s, 1/3 of the galaxy
187+ (founded by Humans, Andelians, and Rolians)
Technology level
Political system/leader
Democratically-coordinated federation

The Federation of United Systems is one of the most powerful and largest faction in the galaxy. It is made up of ~500 different star systems, and 187 different races, consisting of over one third of the galaxy.

A third of the people are human, and one sixteenth are androids. The rest are other intelligent species, most from the Andromeda Galaxy, but two other races are from the Milky Way galaxy.


1500 years ago, an expedition by the Sol Alliance, which consisted of the Humans, the Andelians, and the Rolians, to find the shortest way to the Andromeda Galaxy, succeded when the ship GEN-03 created a wormhole-like spatial rift, which led to the Lyryos system. The rift closed shortly after the 2 km long ship came through. The ship is now in the Andromeda Colonization Historical Museum.

Military MightEdit

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Diplotmatic StatusEdit

As of 4062, the FUS is at war with the Kilathian Republic and in an alliance with the ESBG Empire. The Coalition Syndicate of Planets is also a minor threat.


The FUS has one of the largest and most powerful naval forces in the galaxy. Most research and development in the military sector is targeted towards the navy. As of 4062, the fleet is over twice as large as that of the Kilathian navy fleet. The current Fleet Admiral is Xion Krold. The other members of the Admirality include Admiral Blasterman and Vice Admiral Shooter Dude.


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The naval force has many classes of ships ranging from simple attack fighters to massive capital warships. The flagship of the Navy is the Platinum Eagle, under command of Admiral Blasterman.

Blasterman Universe

Technologies: Weaponsc - Lasers - Qyain'Zo gates - Transdimensional devices - Netlinks - ADTSes - Photon extractor - Warp drive

Notable Factions: Federation of United Systems - ESBG Empire - Kilathian Republic - Coalition Syndicate of Planets

Notable Ships: Platinum Eagle - Empire Warheading Starship

Notable People: Admiral Blasterman - Vice Admiral Shooter Dude - Captain Laserboy - Emperor ESBG - Brigadier General Aandonn

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