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Blasterman Universe

Technologies: Weaponsc - Lasers - Qyain'Zo gates - Transdimensional devices - Netlinks - ADTSes - Photon extractor - Warp drive

Notable Factions: Federation of United Systems - ESBG Empire - Kilathian Republic - Coalition Syndicate of Planets

Notable Ships: Platinum Eagle - Empire Warheading Starship

Notable People: Admiral Blasterman - Vice Admiral Shooter Dude - Captain Laserboy - Emperor ESBG - Brigadier General Aandonn

Please note that this list is incomplete.

What's new on Blasterman Wiki

Megamove - Sept. 28, by Blastermant c
So the entire Factions page, as well as the Ships page, is being split into multiple pages for each faction. Whee.
So many unfinished projects... - Sept. 27, by Blastermant c
So yeah, you may have noticed that BMA2 still isn't here yet. Well, that's just the thing. It won't be here for a while. I'm working on it (page 88, woot), the Flash thingy, and playing a mod called Discovery for the game Freelancer. And gods is it ever fun!
Wait, what? - July 26, by Blastermant
Flash is an interesting tool. I'm working on a less "technical" site for the masses. Whee.
BMA2 - July 3, by Blastermant
Guess what? Blasterman Adventures 2 is on its way and should be here in a few months!

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Transdimensional technology is a mechanism by which objects in normal space can be rotated through dimensions that do not technically exist in the universe we experience.

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