Blasterman: The Movie is a failed attempt at a Blasterman feature film. The base idea has been recycled as Blasterman: The Miniseries.


  • Troy Martin as Blasterman
  • Mitchell Fensome as Shooter Dude
  • Liam McClurg as Chief
  • The parts of Laserboy, Sandpat, ESBG, Dires, and others had not been casted yet.

Unfinished ScriptEdit

Eagle over intercom: "Blasterman! We're getting pounded out here! What should we do?"
Blasterman: "Hold them off for a few more minutes, I'm going to set off a bomb here."
Blasterman shoots thumb laser at table.
Blasterman grabs rod out of holder, "This should make a good explosion." puts rod in other spot, and runs.
Table explodes. Cut to shot of ESBG vessel's side slightly exploding.

This was all that was written and filmed, and was all shot in a single take.