The Blasterman's Army is the strongest division of the FUS Navy, commanded by Admiral Blasterman.


Before Blasterman became the Commander-in-Chief of the Blasterman's Army, Admiral Terachena commanded the army, under the name of the Terachena Army. In 4057, Terachena was thrown in jail after attempting to murder the FUS Navy Fleet Admiral. Blasterman was promoted to Upper Admiral, and given command of the newly renamed Blasterman's Army.

Yetena Prime NavyEdit

In late 4057, Blasterman had been promoted to full Admiral. Two officers from the Yetena Prime Navy, Rear Admiral Shooter Dude and Lieutenant Laserboy had been transferred to the BA.


From 4060 to 4062, many great battles with the BA occurred, most notably the Battle of Faloin, Battle of Falonia VII, Battle of Sector 169, and Battle of 1098-1.

Blasterman: The MiniseriesEdit

After Blasterman Adventures 2, the Platinum Eagle underwent a major refit. After that, the BA was dead quiet, mainly stopping battles and arresting terrorists. Then, an important mission came, stopping a civil war that threatened the entire galaxy(When Silence Is Broken.